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Danfoss NC25

The NC25 was originally developed in the early 1980s as one of the first electronic refrigeration and HVAC control systems. This controller has been used in a variety of different applications from refrigeration racks to industrial boilers and chillers. In the mid-1990s Danfoss discontinued production of this hardware in favor of the next iteration, the Danfoss AKCESS 55. Being one of the premiere installers of the Danfoss Controls, ETC has extensive experience in troubleshooting and supporting all legacy control deployments. ETC has maintained an extensive inventory of all legacy Danfoss parts which are available for immediate delivery. Please contact us for full parts listing and availability.

Danfoss NC25 - Akcess 25

The AKCESS25 has a full set of features for HVAC and refrigeration rack control and monitoring. The modular design allows selection of analog and digital input and output boards to exactly fit an application.

Each AKCESS25 provides up to 48 device control points and software algorithms to give refrigeration users options for condenser, defrost and case control.

DDAI8 – Direct Digital Analog Input Board

The Direct Digital Analog Input Eight boards are designed as a ratiometric analog input system. The standard board comes equipped with a 10 bit A/D converter and uses a variety of input sensors (pressure, photocell, relative humidity, etc.) (DDAI8-TP - Pressure Transducers & DDAI8-TI – Temperature sensors)

DDIO16 & DDIO8 – Direct Digital Input Output (16/8) Board

The Direct Digital Input Output Board has sixteen (16/8) output relays for primary series of control with common and both normally open and normally closed dry contacts and (16/8) digital inputs for equipment monitoring. Board addressing allows its use for any group of (16/8) digital inputs or outputs.

The DDIO16 mounts in a 5-inch snap track. The DDIO16 connects to the NC25 on the DD bus by a 26-line digital I/O ribbon cable.

NC25 I/O Expansion Board

Systems with more than 32 points must use add this board directly to the back of the NC25. This devices allows for a total of (3) DDIO16 boards on the NC25 controller. Additionally, this board is required in order to use the NC25 modem.

Danfoss Remote Communication Modules

ETC provides the hardware necessary for both analog phone line connections as well as Ethernet communications for remote connectivity and monitoring of your legacy control systems. (COMM-EL120, COMM8, COMM12, COMM9, etc.)


A three wire temperature sensor consisting of precision resistors and thermistors to produce a resistance change or voltage output that varies linearly with temperature over the selected range. The replacement part for this is the ETC-T300. View more temperature sensors here.