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ETC has been a proud Danfoss partner for over 25 years offering refrigeration, HVAC and controls hardware directly to end clients and contractors. Please contact us for full parts listing and availability.

ADAP-KOOL case controls

Installed in a case or box, each distributed case controller operates a Danfoss electronic expansion valve that continuously maximizes evaporator efficiency and provides 10% energy savings over the life of the fixture (as compared to mechanical expansion valves). With all function control localized at the case, including refrigeration, defrost, anti-sweat heaters, and lights, there are immediate savings on high voltage wiring runs and elimination of contactors.

AKD variable frequency drives

ADAP-KOOL drives provide variable speed control for compressors, condenser and HVAC fans, and pumps in supermarket applications. Because motor speed always matches the load, no energy is wasted. In refrigeration applications, matching capacity to load also extends food product life and helps equipment last longer. The continuous variable speed control by AKD makes intelligent capacity control possible. It creates stability while balancing the capacity to the actual load, resulting in improved system COP and significant energy savings. Intelligent compressor and condenser fan control is a “must” in any optimized system.

ETC provides VFDs for the following applications:

  • Compressor & Condenser Fans
  • HVAC Supply Air Fans
  • Kitchen Exhause Fans

MCX Programmable Controllers

One controller with maximum flexibility makes engineering and development easier than ever. The new, open standards compliant MCX controller from Danfoss provides ultimate control, allowing you to tailor the performance of your system to your exact requirements. The MCX controller provides unique versatility and freedom compared to proprietary systems. All units are delivered with a low-level operating system including hardware drivers, services, as well as a virtual machine. Connections to peripheral equipment take place via open standard protocols that enable easy integration with electromechanical components and building management systems.

The MCX product range offers a wide range of communication options based on open standards:

  • Integration with Building Management System via MODBUS directly
  • System integration with other protocols, e.g. LONWORKS and BACnet
  • Web pages for internet or intranet access
  • Remote access via modem or MODBUS over Ethernet
  • Data logging