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Temperature Sensors

ETC temperature sensors are one of the most economic and durable options on the market for accurate temperature measurement in applications such as superheating, food safety logs, and other important temperature measurement applications. These sensors are American made, consisting of a platinum element which changes proportionally with the temperature.

PT1000 ohm Sensor (1000 ohm at 0°C)

The ETC PT1000 sensor has a PVC jacketed cable with foil shield and drain wire giving it a quality feel and lasting durability. Our PT1000s have a covered tip which ensures that moisture will NOT impact the reading or lifespan of the sensor. Our bullet tip design has a smaller mass, making it faster to react to changes. In field tests, we found that this sensor consistently gave a remarkably accurate reading when put through a variety of different temperatures and applications.

Product Specifications

Type ETC-1
Ambient Temperature max. [°C] 125°C
Ambient Temperature max. [°F] 257°F
Cable type PVC
Electrical connection Cable
Electrical connection size 2 wire
Measuring range [°C] -40°C to +125°C
Measuring range [°F] -40°F to +257°F
Resistance Value 1 x Pt 1000
Sensor elem. resistance [Ohm] 1.000 Ohm
Sensor element [pc] 1 pc
Sensor element standard EN 60751
Sensor element tolerance Class B
Sensor element type PT
Tolerance EN 60751 Class B
Wires [pcs] 2 pc

ETC – T300 (replacement part for the obsolete Danfoss THERM3)

The ETC-T300 is an extremely accurate thermistor packaged in a water tight thin walled nickel plated brass Deep Drawn Tube. The sensor is potted with a thermal transfer epoxy to guarantee durability and response. The accuracy of the sensor is ±0.4ºF which allows the units to be interchanged in the field. The unit is a double thermister providing a linear response over the range. The unit input is 5.00 vdc. The voltage output over the range is .726 to 3.523. At 50°F the voltage output is 2.123 vdc.

Product Specifications

Standard Temperature Range -22°F to 125°F
Standard Temperature Accuracy ±0.4°F
Resistance Range 9,640 to 134,900 ohms
Response (32°F to 122°F) 40 sec. (in liquid)
Response (122°F to 32°F) 75 sec. (in liquid)
Input Voltage 5 Vdc
Output Resistance 20,772 ohms @ 77°F
Overall Length 1.750"
Diameter (outside) 0.275"
Length 20'
Wire 3 conductor 20 awg stranded
Shield Foil shield with 25% overlap
Drain Stranded tinned copper drain